Refrigerated Van Project

Help us raise $33,000 for a Refrigerated Van

Food goes bad. Sometimes my own fridge proves it!

Perishable food is some of the healthiest food, but you have to get to it quickly.

So when grocery store or partner food banks offer us fresh produce, nutritious meats, and other perishable food, to share with hungry people here in Fountain Hills, we hurry.

But getting there in time ... can be a problem

We have a large freezer truck — our volunteers drive it to pick up perishable foods from local grocery stores and partner food banks.

But it’s got almost a quarter-million miles on it. As you can imagine, it’s not reliable.

The repair bills are mounting. Sometimes, this old workhorse just can’t get us to the pickup in time.

Enormous quantities of super-valuable foods are going to waste. We’re missing vitally important opportunities to provide healthy produce, meats, and other perishable food that could feed hundreds of hungry men, women, and children.

So I’m praying we can acquire a new, small refrigerated van ... so our volunteers can pick up more perishable foods on time more often ... to feed more people when they’re hungry, here in Fountain Hills.

Our goal is a 2017 Ford van, with built-in refrigeration. The price tag is $33,507. We can’t get there without your help, and the help of other compassionate friends. Maybe you could be 1 of 100 friends giving a major gift of $335.07 ... or 1 of 300 giving $111.69.

If God has blessed you greatly, you might even be able to foot the entire bill! Or give some major portion of the total.

But whatever you feel led to give, I urge you to hurry ... because people are hungry in Fountain Hills. There’s someone not far from you, at this very moment, who needs help....


She’s hungry. And she’s your neighbor.

Please understand ... it wasn’t always like this. She wasn’t always struggling. She was doing well enough to move to Fountain Hills. But then she lost a husband, or had a medical issue, or lost a job ... Somehow, no fault of her own, she fell on hard times.

Now, some days, she faces hard choices: Make the rent, or pay the utilities, or put gas in the car to get to work ... or feed the children. Yes, it’s happening in Fountain Hills. Well-to-do Fountain Hills. The place with “no hunger problem,” some say.

Here’s the reality of life in Fountain Hills: 1,500 men, women, and children are living below the poverty line, right here in our community. Sometimes, they don’t have enough food.

There are no social services, no shelters, no low-income housing in Fountain Hills. When someone is hungry here, they only have one hope: our food bank. And we only have you, and other generous friends ... neighbors who care ... people with enough compassion to give generously, and keep our doors open.

We don’t receive even one penny of federal OR state funding, because of the false notion that Fountain Hills has “no hunger problem.” In fact, our staff is very small; we rely heavily on volunteers.

Your giving is the only way we can keep feeding people when they’re hungry. And today, your support is even more crucial — because we urgently need to pick up more fresh produce, meats, and perishable foods than we can without a new van.

Plus, here’s some great news: You can actually give without it costing you a dime — because the deadline for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit has been extended to April 15.

This means you still have time to claim your donation as a credit on your 2016 taxes — you can actually give as much as $400 filing singly, or $800 filing jointly, and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit (not just a deduction) on your 2016 taxes. In other words, you can truly give today for free! To claim your credit, just fill out the enclosed Arizona Form 321 and file it with your taxes – it’s that easy!

So please let me hear from you quickly. We need you. The hungry need us, together, to help them get by. For those among us who are struggling, let’s stand together, with compassion. Thanks in advance!

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